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New Perspectives To Improve the Credentialing Industry

1DocWay – Independent Physicians

1DocWay provides telepsychiatry services to hospitals and clinics wanting to increase provider access and create new revenue streams. Trusted by approximately 35 clinicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, the company has delivered more than 22,000 telepsychiatry encounters in 11 states. 1DocWay expects to add 70 new physicians over the next year, so managing the credentialing process in-house is no longer feasible.

Previously 1DocWay relied on one full-time staff member to manage its credentialing process. This person handled credentialing, state licensing, health plan enrollment and more. As the practice grew with the addition of several new physicians each month, the process quickly became unmanageable. Even with the help of additional staff members, the credentialing requirements were much more than the staff at 1DocWay were equipped to handle. 1DocWay realized that outsourcing was a much easier and more cost-effective option.

Proven Processes and Highly Experienced Credentialing Staff

Finding the right credentialing company proved harder than the management team at 1DocWay anticipated. While Internet searches revealed quite a few credentialing companies that focus on state licensing and some that focus on hospital credentialing and privilege, finding a credentialing company that manages health plan enrollments was a much more difficult task. With three potential companies identified, the interview process began. Despite their claims, it was immediately clear that two of the credentialing companies had very limited knowledge of the health plan enrollment process; their ideas, protocols and pricing models did not make sense. However, Newport Credentialing Solutions proved to be a different story.

“After speaking with the team at Newport it was immediately clear they know the credentialing business, and they know health plan enrollments. This is exactly what we were looking for in a credentialing partner. Newport has an affordable price model and a very efficient, well thought out process for getting new physicians enrolled and managing them going forward,” commented Phil Hirsch President, Health Services Division for 1DocWay.

Simplifying the Credentialing Process

Newport’s credentialing services were initially sought to help 1DocWay with the new service line that was joining its telepsychiatry network. The plan to onboard this vast healthcare delivery system is a phased addition of physicians. Seven licensed psychiatrists were first to join, with additional psychiatrists to be added to the 1DocWay telepsychiatry network each month. For every doctor, there are approximately 15 health insurance companies. Each physician must enroll in each of the 15 health plans. The applications are cumbersome and time consuming. Working with the team at Newport Credentialing, what would have been an impossible task to manage in-house is now only a matter of providing the physicians’ names, some background information and copies of documentation. The team at Newport takes care of the rest.

With information in-hand, Newport adds the physician data into its cloud-based software program and can then quickly populate the information into all of the required health plan applications. Newport proactively monitors all outstanding applications and conducts any necessary follow-up needed to ensure the enrollment process moves along as quickly as possible.

According to Hirsch, “The telemedicine practice is different than a brick and mortar practice. Therefore, it requires various processes. The team at Newport took the time to listen to our unique needs, they picked up new concepts quickly and were patient when explaining things to staff at 1DocWay which made for a smooth transition. We couldn’t be more pleased with the credentialing services they are providing.”

Maximizing Revenue

Rapid growth at 1DocWay is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as more physicians take advantage of the benefits telepsychiatry has to offer. Previously this would have required a significant expansion of internal staff to keep up with the back office and administrative functions needed to manage the credentialing process. By outsourcing credentialing to Newport, 1DocWay has eliminated the need to hire additional staff to handle to its growing telepsychiatry network.

Other financial benefits have been achieved by significantly reducing denied claims. Prior to utilizing Newport’s services, denied claims were a significant issue when physicians believed to be in the network were not. Despite a disclaimer on its financial forms stating the patient is responsible for the full cost of service in the event the physician is out of network, 1DocWay does not believe in burdening patients with unexpected charges. Therefore, 1DocWay takes the hit. With Newport, there are no more costly out of network surprises.


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