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Why Credentialing Should Be on Your New Year’s Resolution List

As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review: Written by Allyson Schiff, VP of Operations for Newport Credentialing Solutions

The financial repercussions of expired credentials can be substantial. After all, when providers’ credentials expire, they will not be paid for the procedures they perform. Some plans, such as New York State Medicaid, will go so far as to remove a provider from their plan if a license is expired. For a hospital or health system with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of providers, lost revenue resulting from the inability to bill a case can quickly add up.

With the ramifications of expired credentials well known, it is surprising how many hospitals lack an organized, automated way to manage credential expiration dates. To help hospitals regain control over credentialing expirables in the coming New Year, Newport Credentialing Solutions’ Vice President of Operations, Allyson Schiff, shares the following tips…
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