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Five Tips for Achieving Provider Enrollment Success in a Complex Landscape: Tip 2

Tip 2: Eliminate Insurance Eligibility Denials at the Point of Scheduling

Newport Credentialing Tip 2When a provider joins a hospital they must apply for privileges to conduct clinical services.This process includes obtaining and validating all of the physician’s credentials including, but not limited to, board certifications, academic background, references, and previous work history.A committee must then approve the provider (sometimes as many as three or four separate committees) before being granted credentialing privileges. Each hospital has its set times for when these committees meet to ensure a smooth process when providers come on board.

While payer dependent, the average enrollment… [click here to download].

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Over the coming months, Newport will provide a 5 part Tips Series which focuses on the key elements of a high performing provider enrollment department. Check back soon!

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