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Five Tips for Achieving Provider Enrollment Success in a Complex Landscape: Tip 3

Tip 3: Avoid Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Mishaps

Newport-Credentialing-Tip-3Even with processes in place to ensure credentialing success, things can happen along the way. A provider may miss the deadline to submit information to the designated committee. During peak hiring and busy holiday seasons, the department head may lose track of who is coming on board. When situations such as these occur, a provider is granted temporary privileges or provisional services. These “Band-Aids” let a provider work for several weeks or even months while hospital employees attempt to get the actual committee meeting and other processes in place necessary to grant credentialing privileges. However, these stall tactics come at a price because… [click here to download].

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Over the coming months, Newport will provide a 5 part Tips Series which focuses on the key elements of a high performing provider enrollment department. Check back soon!

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