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FOX Rehabilitation – Non-Physician Providers

FOX is a private professional practice of physical, occupational, and speech therapists that provide proactive, evidence-based rehabilitation services in the home and senior living community settings. This rapidly growing practice has more than 850 clinicians in nine states.

Previously FOX’s credentialing was handled in-house. A manager and two specialists handled the entire credentialing lifecycle including all new enrollments, re-validations, re-certifications, and any new group establishments with various plans. Without system capabilities in-house and adequate staffing, it became increasing difficult for the staff to manage and maintain the credentialing process. FOX quickly realized that outsourcing was a much easier and more cost-effective option.

The credentialing company FOX initially selected offered a very appealing low price tag but quickly fell short of FOX’s expectations. After transitioning the entire function to Newport Credentialing Solutions, FOX now has a highly trained staff that can keep up with the company’s rapid growth.

A Collaborative Effort Helps Streamline Processes

The transition to Newport was very easy. After a meeting between staff, Newport developed all of the processes which were tailored to address FOX’s unique requirements. It was a collaborative effort that went very smoothly; Newport listened to FOX’s requests and made things happen with no hesitation.

The relationship between FOX and Newport is a real partnership. A Newport representative is onsite up to three days per week managing all of FOX’s new providers (FOX averages 20 new hire clinicians a month). The FOX liaison handles gathering all information necessary to make a completed packet for enrollment; Newport takes over all enrollment processes from there.

“The biggest benefit of our Newport relationship is the resources to keep up with FOX’s rapid growth and highly demanding credentialing requirements,” said Neil Weisshaar, VP of Information Systems at FOX Rehabilitation. “There is a sense of security in knowing that our credentialing process is in excellent hands. Newport’s staff is highly trained and skilled which means we can focus our energy on other aspects of the business.”

Expert Staff Eliminate Resource Constraints, Save Money

Since partnering with Newport, FOX was able to reduce the number of personnel needed to manage credentialing. Only one coordinator remains, serving as the liaison between Newport and the practice. Newport handles all credentialing processes. As a result, the administrator can provide additional resources to other areas of the practice in addition to her vendor relationship role. Cost savings were achieved through the elimination of two positions.

An unexpected benefit of outsourcing is the elimination of seasonal staffing issues. Because credentialing is a process that temps cannot fill, staffing obligations fall short when someone is on vacation. An outsourced billing partner, on the other hand, has to maintain a certain level of service no matter what the season.

“I am a huge proponent of outsourcing having witnessed the benefits of it first hand. Of course having the right partner is essential, and we’ve found that with Newport,” said Lina Monterosso, VP Revenue Management at FOX Rehabilitation. “The staff at Newport took the time to understand our business and the unique workflow of FOX and developed a program that meets our particular needs. Their staff knows credentialing and are on top of everything, which means one less thing we have to worry about.”


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