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Why is the Healthcare Industry Lagging Behind in Cybersecurity?

As seen in NetLib Security: Written by Scott Friesen and David Meier of Newport Credentialing Solutions and Jonathan Weicher of NetLib Security

Although it might seem as of late that government agencies have become the prime target for hackers, both domestic and foreign, we must not lose sight of the healthcare industry. Health care data breaches are growing exponentially, according to a report released by the Government Accountability Office. While Anthem and Banner Health are two of the most notable breaches, a steady stream of healthcare breaches have since followed. Healthcare organizations of every size, patients and providers are all at risk. How severe is the situation? According to Scott Friesen and David Meier from Newport Credentialing Solutions, with whom I had the privilege to speak, “the threat is serious as the healthcare industry is significantly behind other industry’s when it comes to the field of cybersecurity, and only recently began playing catch up. As a result, healthcare organizations, patients and providers are all left vulnerable against today’s sophisticated attackers.”

Newport is a premier provider of cloud-based software and IT enabled services dedicated to the credentialing life cycle. The company provides cloud-based workflow, analytics software and IT enabled credentialing services to some of the largest academic medical centers, health systems, and multi-specialty group practices in the United States. NetLib has been working with Newport for many years to provide comprehensive security across their systems. Using NetLib’s database encryption technology, Encryptionizer, all information stored on Newport’s cloud-based CARE platform is encrypted so that only authorized parties can access it.

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