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The Invisible Impact of Credentialing: Tip 4

Tip 4: Consider Overlooked Costs.

Denied claims caused by credentialing-related issues have an obvious impact on a provider’s reimbursements. With limited exception, the inability to collect on these denied claims often leads a provider’s practice to write off the claim and stop the pursuit of reimbursement. Given just how many patient encounters a provider has in a given day, week or month, the financial impact of having to write off an encounter can be significant.

Practices go to great lengths to ensure a patient’s insurance is verified well in advance of an encounter. If he or she isn’t covered, the procedure isn’t done. While the financial implications of having to write off an encounter are well known, it is surprising that many practices are overlooking another process equally as important as insurance verification – credentialing and provider enrollment verification. To change the way credentialing and provider enrollment are viewed, quantifying lost dollars is essential… [click here to download].

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