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Privacy Concerns with Your PECOS Account

Are you concerned about privacy risks associated with granting provider enrollment partners access to your PECOS account? If so, read on…

The Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) is the electronic portal through which physicians enroll in Medicare. While enrolling in PECOS is optional, for now, there are many reasons to utilize PECOS. Unfortunately, miscommunication over privacy concerns are preventing some healthcare organizations from moving forward. With greater education and understanding, the hope is more organizations will take advantage of this valuable tool.

Q. What are the main benefits associated with PECOS?

PECOS makes the move from paper to electronic enrollment a reality. In doing so, costs associated with paper and postage are eliminated. Eliminating “snail mail” also speeds the enrollment process which in turn improves cash flow. If anything is missing from an application, if additional documentation is needed, and/or when the application is complete, Medicare will reach out to the submitter via email. With PECOS, there is no waiting for “snail” mail.

PECOS offers a real-time view of provider enrollment status. Without PECOS, this information could only be retrieved by calling Medicare and speaking with them directly. If the person inquiring about a provider’s enrollment status is not listed on the provider’s profile, Medicare will not give any status on the pending enrollment. With access to PECOS, anyone listed as a contact on the provider’s individual record can easily pull enrollment status details.

Q. My organization utilizes an outsourced provider enrollment company, is there any benefit to allowing them to access PECOS?

With access to PECOS, a partner company can efficiently manage the entire initial and re-validation process. The burden of completing Medicare enrollments can be greatly alleviated when allowing the enrollment partner to act on the provider’s behalf. For larger organizations with hundreds of providers, outsourcing Medicare enrollment to a partner is a tremendous time and financial saver.

An enrollment partner can act on a provider’s behalf after being granted Surrogacy Access. Surrogacy access allows designated staff at the enrollment partner company to log into a provider’s portal to complete and manage the provider’s Medicare enrollment.

Q. Are there privacy risks when allowing a partner company to access a provider’s PECOS account?

For those who want tighter control, PECOS offers the option of logging in and authorizing someone to work on the provider’s behalf. The authorized person then creates his/her own user name and password.

Bottom line: Provider enrollment professionals know what they are doing and will work to make sure the provider gets paid appropriately. Enabling them to access PECOS will allow them to do their job more efficiently and to get your provider’s billing faster than if processed via paper.



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