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RCM Perspective: Technology’s impact on credentialing and enrollment

As seen in Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review: Written by Anthony Cottone, Consultant for AtlantiCare Physician Group (APG)

I have worked my entire professional career in the healthcare field and have a wealth of experience in physician practice management, medical billing (central billing office), software applications development, information technology management, including electronic medical records implementation and integration.

Most recently I served as Director of Revenue Cycle Services at AtlantiCare Physician Group (APG), an organization I regard very highly.

As I begin to close out my career, I am now partially retired working as a consultant for APG following a move to the sunshine state, I can’t help but look back at how the healthcare industry has changed as a result of advances in technology. One area in particular where I personally have seen the benefits of technology (and an area that I believe is not discussed nearly enough) is the credentialing and provider enrollment space.
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