Re-Defining the Credentialing Life Cycle

The Credentialing Landscape Is Changing; Are You?

At Newport, our goal is to provide innovative cloud-based credentialing software and world class IT enabled services that help our clients manage the constantly changing healthcare landscape.

We believe, very simply, that credentialing should be viewed as an integral part of the revenue cycle and that if you are not enrolled correctly, you will not be paid correctly. Everything that we do, is focused on helping our clients take control over their credentialing life cycle and to generate more cash, faster. Helping clients operationally and financially prosper is our passion, and we invite you to partner with us as we change the credentialing landscape together.

A Brief Note From Newport

Newport understands that the healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic change. Decreasing reimbursement, the emergence of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Meaningful Use (MU), ICD-10 implementation, and hotly debated Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) have converged to re-ignite our health policy and economic discourse. Discussions between CMS, commercial payers, and providers have been intense and many providers are waiting to hear how these discussions will affect their existing practices.

The convergence of decreasing reimbursement, EHRs, MU, and ICD-10 is playing itself out in the form of clinical, IT, and operational integration. Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), provider organizations were operated and reimbursed using disparate, disconnected systems and processes. Known as the fee-for-service model, providers were reimbursed solely on the type of clinical service performed. Systems and processes focused mainly on pushing data from point A to B and robust data analytics did not exist. The result was that provider organizations rarely understood where they were losing revenue. With the emergence of ACOs and MU, this model will be turned on its head and providers will operate and be reimbursed based on the data that they collect and how they use that data to improve clinical outcomes.

At Newport, we believe that clinical, IT, and operational integration is forcing provider organizations to re-think their existing ways of doing business. This new way of thinking has created a “New Revenue Cycle.” Defined as the data that is collected, the flow of data between IT systems, and how that data can be used to improve clinical and financial outcomes, the New Revenue Cycle will highlight areas of improvement which previously went ignored.Newport partners with healthcare providers to help them stay ahead of the New Revenue Cycle by implementing robust data collection, workflow, analytics, and business intelligence software.

Our cloud-based software sits squarely in the middle of the New Revenue Cycle by collecting critical credentialing data and allowing provider organizations to analyze that data to better manage their credentialing processes. Further, the data collected and analyzed may be used to identify new revenue opportunities and collect more cash, faster.

To compliment our cloud-based software, Newport offers IT enabled credentialing solutions. Whether Newport manages the entire credentialing life cycle or provides targeted credentialing projects, Newport’s IT enabled services frees providers from administrative tasks so that they can focus on providing superior clinical care to their patients.

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