Additional Credentialing Solutions

Credentialing tools to help you save time, money, and increase productivity

Newport understands that there are credentialing processes which require, “out of the box” solutions. As a result, Newport has developed the following Additional Credentialing Services to help our clients meet these unique credentialing challenges. Software and Services include:

mCARE – Medicare re-validation software

  • Instantly identify if a provider has received a Medicare re-validation letter
  • Instantly identify if a provider is NOT listed on the PECOS website (thereby indicating termination)

MedicareOptOut Software

  • Instantly identify if a provider has opted out of Medicare

MedicaidOptOut Software

  • Instantly identify if a provider has opted out of Medicaid

Medicare Re-Validation Services

  • Conduct full Medicare enrollment if a provider has been terminated due to not responding to Medicare in time

Group Creation Services

  • Establish groups to consolidate billing and credentialing efforts

TIN Consolidation Services

  • Consolidate multiple TINs into one TIN

Payer Website Analysis

  • Ensure that your payers correctly list your provider data on their websites


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