Cloud-Based CVO Credentialing Services

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Newport’s Concierge Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Credentialing Solutions bundle our cloud-based credentialing and provider enrollment software with industry-leading CVO and Primary Source Verification (PSV) services. The combined power of our automated processes and industry-leading credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and compliance expertise can help your health system:

  • Streamline and automate critical business processes
  • Create cost-saving operational efficiencies
  • Recover revenue lost to delays in provider onboarding
  • Significantly reduce credentialing-related claims issues (edits, denials, etc.)
  • Improve both the physician experience and quality of care


CVO Services

Multi-Directional Data Exchange
Multi-Directional Data Exchange: Eliminate redundant manual data entry by automating data transfer between various sources.
Data Validation
Data Validation: Verify the integrity and accuracy of your organization’s credentialing and enrollment data against all applicable Joint Commission (TJC)- and National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)-certified primary sources.
Quarterly Dynamic Data Validation
Quarterly Dynamic Data Validation: Better manage provider data accuracy with provider outreach functionality.
Field Level Permission Controls
Field Level Permission Controls: Preserve data integrity and accuracy with highly granular user role definitions and customizable authorizations.
Exception Reporting
Exception Reporting: Compare network data across contracted payers.
Monthly Ongoing Monitoring
Monthly Ongoing Monitoring: Use automated tools to monitor and manage user performance as well as expirations and state and federal sanctions.
Provider Performance Monitoring
Provider Performance Monitoring: Monitor peer reviews, member complaints, and patient relations using built-in event tracking functionality.
Credentialing Policies and Procedure Development
Credentialing Policies and Procedure Development (including Peer Review Committee Policies and Procedure): Conduct TJC-, NCQA-, and state-compliant PSVs, preparing customized work lists and credentialing packets for both initial credentialing and re-credentialing.
Credentialing Peer Review Committee Policies and Procedure Development
Auditing: Conduct both payer and delegate oversight audits.
Conduct JC, NCQA, State compliant PSVs

Newport’s Value

Interactive approaches to physician credentialing and enrollment promote collaborative thinking and strategic decision-making to advance the health of the communities you serve, improve the patient experience, enhance physician satisfaction, and lower the total cost of care.

Improve Revenue 100%
Bundled Software and Services 100%
Client Satisfaction 100%
Reduced Costs 100%

Newport’s Value

Interactive approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

Improve Revenue 100%
Bundled Software and Services 100%
Client Satisfaction 100%
Reduced Costs 100%

CVO Concierge Services

Credentialing is an integral part of any healthcare organization’s operations. It is a highly regulated process that ensures physicians are fit and qualified to provide medical services to patients. At the core of this process is Primary Source Verification (PSV).

PSV is often handled in-house or outsourced to a vendor.  As health systems continue to grow and consolidate, the demand for a turnkey solution to credentialing that guarantees quick turnaround times, quality oversight, and compliance within an ever-changing regulatory environment is higher than ever. This is where Newport steps in—and not just as a vendor, but as a full-scope CVO credentialing partner.

Backed by our industry-leading, cloud-based provider credentialing enterprise software solution, healthcare organizations can be assured that all their PSV requirements will be met in a timely and efficient manner. Newport’s Concierge CVO credentialing service professionals implement workflows grounded in best practices and informed by powerful analytics. Their goal is to streamline operations and accelerate the entire credentialing lifecycle.

To accomplish this, our team of Credentialing Specialists gathers applications, conducts PSVs, and creates a final packet containing NCQA-/TJC-compliant credentialing checklists, applications, and supporting documentation, plus a full set of verifications on all elements needed to pass any audit. By alleviating the time-consuming administrative burden of PSV credentialing, our Concierge CVO credentialing services also allow healthcare organizations to make well-informed participation decisions and help bring them one step closer to consistently delivering value-based medicine.

At the beginning of each engagement, Newport’s highly experienced Account Managers work directly with each client’s key stakeholders to map out the most effective and efficient process for addressing both their immediate and long-term objectives. As they load your data into our cloud-based credentialing and enrollment platform, the Newport team also begins implementing your project plan and training your designated end users on how to access the dashboards, ad-hoc business intelligence tools, and software productivity modules to leverage your centralized credentialing data.

Partner with Newport and let us help you take better control of your day-to-day operations. With our CVO credentialing solution, you can get back to focusing on what you do best—providing exceptional clinical care to your patients.

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