Cloud-Enabled Services

Transparent performance using cloud-enabled credentialing services

In order to help our clients pro-actively manage the increasingly complex credentialing life cycle, Newport offers cloud-enabled physician and allied health provider credentialing, expirables management, re-credentialing, delegated credentialing, and special project services. Newport’s credentialing specialists are comprised of industry experts who have experience across hospital, physician, payor, and vendor organizations. Our credentialing specialists have deep experience in all aspects related to managing the credentialing life cycle. Services include:

Initial Credentialing Services

  • On-site or remote demographic and primary source documentation collection
  • Rapid data entry into our cloud-based workflow, analytics, and business intelligence software; CARE
  • Comprehensive Par/Non – Par Analysis
  • Missing demographic and documentation review
  • Application and signature page consolidation and management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Use of UPS, FedEx, and/or Certified Mail to track send and receipt of applications
  • Dedicated Application Follow-up
  • Extensive Payer Contacts
  • Compilation of all Provider Identification Numbers (PINs)

Expirables Management Services

  • Pro-Actively Monitor Document Expiration (e.g., license, DEA registration, board certification)
  • Conduct all CAQH Re-Attestations (every 120 days)
  • Expiring Document Report
  • Respond to Provider Enrollment Billing Issues/Edits

Re-Credentialing Services

  • Conduct all re-credentialing services based on insurance plan requirements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application and Signature Page Consolidation and Management
  • Use of UPS, FedEx, and/or Certified Mail to track send and receipt of applications
  • Dedicated Application Follow-up

Credentialing Edit and/or Denials Management Services

  • Manage all credentialing related edits (stratified by dollar)
  • Manage all credentialing related denials (stratified by dollar)

Delegated Credentialing Services

  • Manage Delegated Credentialing Rosters for all delegated payers
  • Manage Weekly/Monthly Roster Submissions

Special Project Services

Medicare Re-Validation Services
  • Conduct full Medicare enrollment if a provider has been terminated due to not responding to Medicare in time
Group Creation Services
  • Establish groups to consolidate billing and credentialing efforts
TIN Consolidation Services
  • Consolidate multiple TINs into one TIN
Payer Website Analysis
  • Ensure that your payers correctly list your provider data on their websites
Education Services
  • On-site or remote education services to help providers understand the importance of credentialing and how it directly affects their organization’s revenue


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