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How Silos Restrict Key Information Sharing Within Hospitals

As seen in Health Data Management: Written by Scott Friesen

The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive change as it transitions toward a connected network of clinical and administrative services, with the goal of improving patient quality and clinical outcomes. However, as demonstrated through electronic health record systems utilization, an interconnected network can be a complex endeavor.

The rush to deploy EHR systems was driven largely by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s Meaningful Use federal incentive program. Huge financial incentives helped speed the transition from paper to digital records. While great strides have been made in this transition, a new light has been cast on EHRs and the significant interoperability challenges that continue to exist.

Technology is rapidly advancing, and vendors have learned a lot from EHR deployments. Arguably, the biggest lesson is to address the continued need to easily share data between disparate systems. After all, no matter how much data is captured within a system, its value is greatly diminished when it can’t be shared with other systems, groups and organizations. When left in their separate data silos, resources, outcomes, revenue and other areas are negatively impacted.
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